Broadcast Asia 2024 Retrospective

BroadcastAsia 2024: Layercake’s Successful Participation in Asia Tech x Singapore

The Layercake team had an exceptional experience at this year’s BroadcastAsia, held from May 29 to 31 in Asia Text x Singapore in Singapore EXPO. Asia Tech x Singapore (ATxSG) is Asia’s flagship tech event jointly organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Informa Tech, with support from the Singapore Tourism Board and one of the events featured is the Broadcast Asia.

Directors Padraig O’Donovan and Domenic Romeo arrived to join Quanah McBride, who had arrived the day before and began setting up the Layercake booth in the TechXLR8 area, which highlights leaders in AI, Cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud, Data, and Quantum Technology, demonstrating how these disruptive technologies are transforming cities and businesses throughout the APAC region.

Meanwhile, on the opening day of BroadcastAsia, Video Iinfrastructure Engineer, John Felix Limbo arrived in Singapore and set up the Sienna Processing Engine Demo, a software-defined, virtualized media and broadcast production workflow engine. The Layercake booth garnered significant attention, drawing a stream of visitors eager to witness firsthand the innovative solutions on display. From new technology demonstrations to engaging presentations, attendees were captivated by Layercake’s offerings, sparking insightful discussions and inquiries.

Following the event, the Layercake team attended the Bitmovin and Accedo Happy Hour at Little Saigon, where they were welcomed into a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration. Amidst the drinks and lively conversations, they seized the opportunity to deepen connections with fellow industry professionals, exchanging ideas and forging new partnerships.

On the second day of BroadcastAsia, Layercake’s directors continued to showcase their products, Streamcake – Media Orchestration and Automation Platform and Mediacake – Media Display and Commersialisation Platform. With meticulous attention to detail, they presented these award-winning solutions to interested audiences, demonstrating their great capabilities and unique features.

Through interactive demonstrations and insightful presentations, they showcased the transformative power of Layercake’s innovations, illustrating how these solutions are reshaping the landscape of the digital media and broadcasting industries, to industry leaders and enthusiasts from across the APAC region. As the day ends, their groundbreaking solutions reverberate throughout the exhibition hall, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

On the third and final day of BroadcastAsia, with expertise and eloquence Quanah, Director at Layercake, participated in a panel discussion on virtual production and monetisation. The panel featured industry leaders such as Eunice Park (Zixi), Apple Esplana-Manansala (The New Channel), Jourdansky Yong (Mediacorp Pte Ltd), and Shad H. (Amazon Web Services), and was moderated by Janne P. (FTI Delta). The session delved into exciting advancements in content creation.

Furthermore, Jack Oh, Founder and CEO of Uptempo Global, praised Layercake’s team saying, “It was the most insightful and fruitful talk I had done all throughout the event”. As BroadcastAsia 2024 concluded, the Layercake team packed up and prepared to head to the airport, marking the end of a successful participation.

The Layercake team bid farewell to the great exhibition, filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. With heads held high, they embarked on their journey homeward, carrying with them the memories of another successful journey in their ongoing pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Layercake is proud to have been selected by SG Analytics as a key technology vendor at BroadcastAsia, leading the way with our award-winning Streamcake Media Orchestration & Automation Platform and our contribution to innovation in platform as a service (PaaS) technology. Read the full report here:

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