Media Display & Commercialisation Platform

Mediacake is Layercake’s, Media Display & Commercialisation Platform. It provides a portal in the cloud with an easy-to-use interface that delivers an empowered experience for the presentation and commercialisation of media assets, including high-resolution photos. It enables search and filtering, configurable collections, direct (bulk) download, advanced user permission management, revenue reporting, SSO, MAM integration and more.

Media Asset Consumer Application

A feature of our Media Display & Commercialisation Platform that offers a user-friendly browsing, searching, and viewing media interface as well as controlling and arranging the digital media assets. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of sharing and distribution functions as well as user engagement tracking and analysis. It provides a user-friendly solution to media creation and consumption, and so it helps content creators to get their content to a wider audience for monetization.

Media assets

Content creators


User-friendly interface

User Roles & Permissions

A feature that offers a flexible mechanism for role definition and permission management, thus the administrators can control and apply access controls. This feature also includes the tools for auditing and tracking user activity, to comply with security policies and regulations. It ensures that only approved users may have access to sensitive media assets and features, and it allows collaboration and sharing among team members.

Access control




SSO Integration

A feature that makes secured and seamless authentication and access to media assets and services easy for users. This feature provides a set of tools for setting up and maintaining single sign-on (SSO) configurations, as well as monitoring and auditing user access. It provides secure and protected login credentials and also easy access to media assets and features.


User access



Enhanced Metadata Subscription

This feature gives a flexible system for metadata subscription definition, letting users choose the sorts of metadata for which to get updates. This feature also has capabilities of metadata subscription management and tracking, allowing users to seamlessly keep up with changes to their media assets. Making sure that users have access to the new and accurate metadata for their media assets helps them in taking the correct content strategy decisions.

Metadata updates

Content strategy

Flexible system

Media assets

Configurable Collections

A feature that our system allows for the definition of flexible collection criteria, where users can specify the types of media assets to be included. Additionally, this feature has tools for collection management, and collection organization, as well as sharing and distribution of collections to other users. It allows a user to arrange and share their content in a manner that fits in with their needs.

Media asset

Flexible collection

Collection management


E-commerce MAM & API Integration

This feature allows users to link their media assets with e-commerce platforms and APIs. It enables users to monetize their media assets seamlessly and securely by using e-commerce platforms. In e-commerce MAM & API Integration, there are tools for configuring and managing e-commerce integrations, as well as the tracking and monitoring of sales and revenue. This feature allows users to monetize their media assets and earn revenue while also protecting their content.

E-commerce platforms


Content protection


Order Tracking & Fulfillment

A feature that enables users to track and manage their orders for media assets. It serves as a single point of control that handles order placement, order status tracking, and order fulfillment. This feature has tools for the configuration and management of order tracking settings, monitoring, and tracking order fulfillment. It also makes sure that orders are done on time; therefore, customers get their media assets as expected.

Single point of control

Order fulfillment



Search & Filtering

A feature that makes searching and filtering content on our Media Display & Commercialisation Platform easy and fast. It presents a user-friendly interface for searching and filtering the assets according to different attributes like keywords, categories, and metadata. This feature, in addition, includes a tool able to save and share search results, as well as to manage and organize search queries. It allows users to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Search results

Search queries

User-friendly interface


Admin Management & Reporting

This feature allows administrators to effectively manage and report on diverse aspects of the system. It serves as a single point of control for account management, permission, and access control, as well as report generation of user activity and content usage. The feature consists of tools for configuring and supporting user accounts as well as tracking and monitoring user activity. It makes sure that users have the required access as well as ensuring compliance with security policies and regulations.

Account management

Report generation


Security policies

Success with Mediacake
Layercaje NRL live streaming solution

AFL photos

Layercake was engaged to review current Photos operations, to provide a solution that reduced technology debt, complexity, and risk.
Client Impact
“Mediacake has digitally transformed AFL Photos for the future, giving us the ability to scale and expand our offering.”
Monica Forlano

Head of AFL Studios, AFL

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