Media Orchestration Platform

Streamcake is Layercake’s proprietary Media Orchestration Platform (MOP). ​Streamcake, makes streaming from your own Cloud/Technology easy and cost effective. The browser-based user interface does all the heavy lifting; starting & stopping infrastructure, overlaying graphics and bugs, DVR, vision switching, trimming, VOD generation, publishing, integrations, distribution and more.

Cloud Broadcast

A revolutionary feature to transform live broadcasting is Cloud Broadcast, available within our media. It makes use of cloud computing to provide smooth, superior streaming from any place, at any time. Users may broadcast from a studio or a remote location with ease using Cloud Broadcast, and they can always guarantee a polished and captivating viewing experience for their audience.

Live broadcasting

Streaming application



Media Service Automation

Media Service Automation is an element of our media orchestration platform comprising sophisticated algorithms that simplify media management and delivery. The system optimizes encoding, transcoding, and delivery processes, which result in high-quality, effective and efficient streaming. Media Service Automation allows users to process a lot of media content quickly, automate routine tasks, and deliver events to their viewers without a considerable amount of manual labor. This feature helps streaming better, lowers operation costs, increases scalability and reliability.





Stream Packaging

The Stream Packaging functionality within the application is a key feature aimed at improving the delivery of live and on-demand video content. Our vast experience ensures content is always packaged efficiently for the customer’s needs addressing compatible formats deliverable to the required devices and platforms. Stream Packaging handles various video compressed codecs and formats enabling smooth playback across different devices and networks. Stream Packaging offers the opportunity to deliver superior quality video content to viewers universally, regardless of the device or platform they use, in an efficient cost focused manner.





Social Media Monitoring & Operations

This feature of our media orchestration platform helps in real-time monitoring and managing of social media presence of users getting streamed. It gives a drill-down information on audience engagement, sentiment analysis and trending topics which would help in making the informed content strategy decisions. The strategic planning feature includes such functions as posting schedulers, comment responder, and performance metrics tracker to ensure that users optimize their social media presence and boost engagement.

Real-time monitoring

Audience engagement

Metrics tracker

Boost engagement

BYO Cloud & Infrastructure

A feature of our media orchestration platform that allows users to integrate their existing cloud infrastructure into the platform. This capability enables users to leverage their current cloud resources, including storage, computing, and networking, to run their streaming applications. With Bring Your Own Cloud & Infrastructure, users can select a cloud provider that best fits their needs in terms of availability and budget, while also being compatible with the streaming application. This functionality enables users to efficiently scale their streaming infrastructure, reduce expenses, and enhance performance, all while maintaining full control over their cloud resources.

Cloud resources




Media Distribution Multi-CDN & Security

Media Distribution Multi-CDN & Security is a core feature of our media orchestration platform, optimizing media delivery to end-users. It leverages multiple CDNs for high availability, reliability, and security. Users can distribute content across multiple CDNs, reducing latency and improving performance. It includes tools for monitoring and managing CDN health, ensuring high-quality content delivery to audiences, regardless of location or device.

Media Distribution




End-to-End System Integration

This feature guarantees efficient workflow by integrating all the components together. This covers the integration of hardware, software, and network infrastructure in terms of the smooth functioning of all these systems. The feature also consists of mechanisms for setting up and managing the whole content delivery chain, from content creation to delivery, thereby enabling users to effortlessly operate and optimize the streaming operations. It brings a more streamlined and fast streaming process that increases the efficiency of the system thus performance and reliability.

Efficient workflow


Streamlined process

Content delivery chain

Cloud Service Orchestration

This feature helps the customer find a way to operate and control their cloud infrastructure. It builds an integrated management system for cloud provisioning, configuration, and monitoring which guarantees reliable and efficient cloud service. The functionality comprises automation of workflows, scaling the resources, as well as optimization of performance giving users a chance to utilize the infrastructure they are using and adapt to changes. It leads to a streamlined and effective streaming workflow, thus improving performance and reliability.

Cloud provisioning




Content Protection

Content Protection is a functionality we have in our media orchestration platform that guarantees the security and authenticity of media content. It consists of tools for encryption and decryption of content, management of access controls and DRM policies, also watermarking and fingerprinting of content. This particular feature prevents the content from being pirated and distributed by unauthorized users, as it is restricted only for authorized people.

Content Protection



Access controls

Success with Streamcake
Layercaje NRL live streaming solution

Queensland Rugby League

Layercake has delivered for Queensland Rugby League, a best of breed streaming solution using Layercake’s award-winning Media Orchestration and Automation platform, Streamcake.

Layercaje NRL live streaming solution


Cluch changes the face of community sports streaming with Layercake’s  Media Orchestration Platform Streamcake enabling scalable live multi diverse sports streaming

Client Impact

“Layercake and the Streamcake platform in particular, took our business to a whole new level far more quickly than we had previously thought possible. It has helped transform our workflows from high-touch manual processes to significantly more automated and efficient solutions.”

Gus Seebeck

Managing Director, Cluch

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