Media Orchestration Platform

Streamcake is Layercake’s proprietary Media Orchestration Platform (MOP). ​Streamcake, makes streaming from your own Cloud/Technology easy and cost effective. The browser-based user interface does all the heavy lifting; starting & stopping infrastructure, overlaying graphics and bugs, DVR, vision switching, trimming, VOD generation, publishing, integrations, distribution and more.

High-Level Features

Cloud Broadcast

Media Service Automation

Stream Packaging

Social Media Monitoring & Operations

BYO Cloud & Infrastructure


Media Distribution Multi-CDN & Security

End-to-End System Integration

Cloud Service Orchestration

Content Protection

Streamcake’s automation, monitoring, dashboard and bulk functions make scaling and managing multiple, concurrent streamed events easy, even for non-technical operational staff. Your Master Control Room and Production operations team does not need to scale as your production operation grows. Streaming and infrastructure costs are reduced through “just-in-time resource creation and take down” only paying for what you need.

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Success with Streamcake

Discover how Cluch changed the face of community sport streaming with Streamcake.

Client Impact

“Layercake and the Streamcake platform in particular, took our business to a whole new level far more quickly than we had previously thought possible. It has helped transform our workflows from high-touch manual processes to significantly more automated and efficient solutions.”

Gus Seebeck

Managing Director, Cluch

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